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    Exclusive handmade snakeskin wallet. Snake Skin, with such striking patterns, make for stunning snakeskin wallets that are sure to make you stand out from the pack. A lizard wallet with a spattering of mottled spots and rings is the go. Soft and supple, lizard skin is cool to the touch and feels sleek in your hand or pocket.
    Always in demand, these sleek numbers are a naturally stain resistant, low maintenance exotic wallet thatíll always turn heads. Get noticed next time you need to pay the bill!

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    Our Genuine stingray leathers wallets, belts and handbags with pebbles textures, will make exclusive gifts for her or his birthday.

    Something unique? We also have taxidermy King Cobra or just want snake hides materials, yes, we have them!

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Implora Brown Monitor Lizard Checkbook Wallet, Bly

Implora Brown Monitor Lizard Checkbook Wallet, Bly

→ Stock#: 0431  |  Material: Salvator Monitor Lizard  |  Color: Brown
7" x 3.75" ( 17.78 x 9.52 cm ).
13 card slots, 1 window ID
4 currency /checkbook slots, 1 pen holder.
Genuine Salvator lizard skin exterior and interior.
Each wallet has smiliar pattern but not exact.

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Price  $90.00

without box

Price $100.00


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